2017-2018 first day of school

Yesterday marked our first day back to lessons. I'm hoping to get in some work before Timothy makes his apperance and before the craziness of co-op begins. It was a glorious day. Today, has not been glorious. I'm grateful I waited till today to edit images & post this because it's encouraged me. Getting back into a groove, learning to joyfully work, remembering how to think and apply yourself after a summer break... well, that's hard. It's going to take time & I need to give my children and myself grace while still holding the line. That balance isn't easy but I pray I can be faithful as the children learn to do so also. We're in this together!

Anyway, I kept our first day short & sweet. I met with each child for a sort of "orientation"- we discussed what they would learn this year, I showed them their new books, where to store things and how their new checklists would work. We all gathered for circle time. Little ones enjoyed lots of playtime, including soaking in the lovely weather outside. I met with a few children for reading and a few independent lessons were accomplished but not much. Then I rushed out the door for a midwife appointment and quick run to the grocery store. PHEW.

We ended the day with Sonic slushies because the children say it's a tradition. Remember this one from last year? It's still one of my favorites.

Well, this year Josiah was thrilled to get his own slushie! Sugared up, we went home and tried to settle children down for bed. Yeah, that took forever. Day one in the books. I'm excited to see what this year holds... and I already look forward to break weeks. ;)

Here are some images from our Sonic run & also Emily and Katherine's chalk selfies. Also, I'm sharing clips from my Instagram stories because I didn't want to loose them after 24 hours. Not the greatest quality since it was shot & edited on my phone but I know I'll be glad I saved this! Btw, following along IG stories live on IG is much more fun.



first day of school

Yesterday we started back to our official school year and to celebrate, a new tradition was born:

I'm not a fun mom. I'm the kind of mom that makes sure things are picked up, laundry's done (well, mostly- I do not iron), foods on the table & everyone does their chores. I read aloud a lot but exciting moments sound tiring to me. So moments like this that are MY idea are pretty awesome. Sonic slushes. With ridiculous amounts of strange substances to make those crazy colors + lots of sugar. Shudder. But the children loved it!

Even Eric & I celebrated, only with Starbucks: