one second project: 2017

During 2017, I attempted to take one second of film each day. It didn't happen every single day but I kept going. I shared those films along the way & now I'm ready to share our entire year. This year, our family has learned afresh how precious life is, how valuable every second is lived together. I'm so grateful we have this film to help us remember! I love these people!

So, pop some popcorn & enjoy seeing our family's 2017 (its about 6 minutes)!

one second project: april

I missed more days than I care to remember but the theme for April was to keep going with projects even though they were less than perfect. I shot an extra second on several days.

I'm truly sorry you have to hear us sing at the end! Now you'll know why none of us are in choir. Here's a few seconds of our month of April:

one second project: february

I actually missed one day so two of the clips are from one day. Enjoy! If you have a current project going (film or stills), be sure to share in the comments- I'd love to see!

If you would like to see January's film, click the project button up on top of the page & go to the "one second a day" page.

one second project: january

In an effort to continue to refine my skills with film, I'm taking on a new film project this year. Each day, I will film one second. In reality, I shoot more but I'll compile one second per day & share monthly films. At the end of the year, I'll share all 12 months in one film. I first heard of this idea from Francesca Russell- I loved watching her films each month last year. She's got mad skill (both with film & documentary work)!

My skills are not mad... at least not in the good sense... yet. But they'll get there. I hope I'm always growing & learning! In the process, I get to document our family in a new way, which the children & grandparents alike enjoy watching.