project 365: Timothy

Recently, I finished documenting Timothy's first year with a Project 365. I was suppose to capture one image each day. In reality, I only captured 213 images & shot only 171 days. So technically, I failed another Project 365 (it's not the first I didn't complete). But... I don't care!

Actually, I care very deeply about taking up this project! It helped me to better see our baby boy's first year. It helped me document the love this big family has for it's youngest member. It helped me get in front of the frame 42 times. But it's not about the numbers. It's about the pursuit of pushing myself to pick up my camera & beholding the wonder of my son! I knew I wouldn't strictly keep a Project 365 but I also knew whatever the results, it was worth the endeavor. 

Motherhood has shaped me in countless ways. I fall short daily but I pray my children will always know my deep love for them. And I think this project is a testimony of that! We love you, Tiny Tim!

Enjoy this slideshow of Timothy's Project 365:

remembering Uncle Lorimer

Our lives are touched by many people, often in small ways and sometimes in big ways. Uncle Lorimer was one of those that impacted us greatly! This past December, he went to be with his Savior & King Jesus. He loved his family deeply- they were his world! Through the years we grew in friendship & became just like family. We almost never miss a Thanksgiving together and even though we now live in different states, we continue to visit each other several times a year.

Lorimer was a leader in his community but we knew him best as simply Uncle Lorimer. His testimony lives on through the lessons he shared with us. He lived out his faith in Christ, always opening the Word each night because he knew it was the source of life. He had a saying of "do the right thing" and he did it- quietly, not drawing attention to himself. It was enough to simply do it. He was great at getting our boys to WORK HARD. His smile & love of music brightened the room. The children looked forward to special treats from him- if the mamas said no, maybe Uncle Lorimer could make it happen. "Just this once" or "it's a special time" he would say.

Our hearts have been broken for his family. I can't even comprehend the sorrow of losing your best friend, spouse and father. But there is One who can & we pray that Jesus would lift them up during this time. In the midst of such pain, there has also been rejoicing because Uncle Lorimer is no longer in pain from cancer. For the believer of Christ, we know separation from our loved ones is temporary- we will see them again & live with them forever in heaven! There's also rejoicing because Uncle Lorimer DID finish his race well. Thank you, Uncle Lorimer, for your testimony! We miss you but we'll see you again!

If you click on the image below, it will take you to through several images:

one second project: 2017

During 2017, I attempted to take one second of film each day. It didn't happen every single day but I kept going. I shared those films along the way & now I'm ready to share our entire year. This year, our family has learned afresh how precious life is, how valuable every second is lived together. I'm so grateful we have this film to help us remember! I love these people!

So, pop some popcorn & enjoy seeing our family's 2017 (its about 6 minutes)!

merry Christmas!

It's not been the typical Christmas here with the passing of our dear friend, a trip to Texas & then sickness but even in the midst of all this, there is reason to rejoice in our Savior being born to save His people from their sins! Merry Christmas from our family to yours!

2017-2018 first day of school

Yesterday marked our first day back to lessons. I'm hoping to get in some work before Timothy makes his apperance and before the craziness of co-op begins. It was a glorious day. Today, has not been glorious. I'm grateful I waited till today to edit images & post this because it's encouraged me. Getting back into a groove, learning to joyfully work, remembering how to think and apply yourself after a summer break... well, that's hard. It's going to take time & I need to give my children and myself grace while still holding the line. That balance isn't easy but I pray I can be faithful as the children learn to do so also. We're in this together!

Anyway, I kept our first day short & sweet. I met with each child for a sort of "orientation"- we discussed what they would learn this year, I showed them their new books, where to store things and how their new checklists would work. We all gathered for circle time. Little ones enjoyed lots of playtime, including soaking in the lovely weather outside. I met with a few children for reading and a few independent lessons were accomplished but not much. Then I rushed out the door for a midwife appointment and quick run to the grocery store. PHEW.

We ended the day with Sonic slushies because the children say it's a tradition. Remember this one from last year? It's still one of my favorites.

Well, this year Josiah was thrilled to get his own slushie! Sugared up, we went home and tried to settle children down for bed. Yeah, that took forever. Day one in the books. I'm excited to see what this year holds... and I already look forward to break weeks. ;)

Here are some images from our Sonic run & also Emily and Katherine's chalk selfies. Also, I'm sharing clips from my Instagram stories because I didn't want to loose them after 24 hours. Not the greatest quality since it was shot & edited on my phone but I know I'll be glad I saved this! Btw, following along IG stories live on IG is much more fun.



one second project: april

I missed more days than I care to remember but the theme for April was to keep going with projects even though they were less than perfect. I shot an extra second on several days.

I'm truly sorry you have to hear us sing at the end! Now you'll know why none of us are in choir. Here's a few seconds of our month of April:

one second project: february

I actually missed one day so two of the clips are from one day. Enjoy! If you have a current project going (film or stills), be sure to share in the comments- I'd love to see!

If you would like to see January's film, click the project button up on top of the page & go to the "one second a day" page.

one second project: january

In an effort to continue to refine my skills with film, I'm taking on a new film project this year. Each day, I will film one second. In reality, I shoot more but I'll compile one second per day & share monthly films. At the end of the year, I'll share all 12 months in one film. I first heard of this idea from Francesca Russell- I loved watching her films each month last year. She's got mad skill (both with film & documentary work)!

My skills are not mad... at least not in the good sense... yet. But they'll get there. I hope I'm always growing & learning! In the process, I get to document our family in a new way, which the children & grandparents alike enjoy watching.

life in motion: November

My first film! I'm just a tad bit... nope. I'm CRAZY excited to share this with you all! I've wanted to shoot film for a little over a year now but I had no clue how or where to begin. In steps Emily Mitchell's Film Workshop! This film is was my final project. There's lots still to learn but thanks to Emily, I know have the tools. I'll always shoot still images- there's something so powerful in them & it makes passing on the moment so easy but now I can share films with my family and soon, my clients! How exciting!

This month's film is a collection of everyday moments. You all know me enough to know that I truly believe that's where the beauty shines! Hearing their voices, watching their smiles & movement- these are the things so easily forgotten that I want to hold on to! Now I can!

I'm excited to finally join a group of very talented women who have been making a film each month to share. These ladies have been a source of inspiration & knowledge- it's a little crazy that I get to join them! Be sure to follow the film circle around (you'll loop back here when you're finished) by following Eboni Rivera next.

o'clock project

During the month of March I participated in an awesome project: the O'Clock Project where I took one photo each day during our "difficult" hour. I chose 5-6pm, the hour just before dinner.

This idea wasn't mine! I'm so grateful that Kelly let so many of us join in! It was such an inspiration to see others work & I came away finding a bit more beauty during a difficult part of our day.  I'm looking forward to next year!