around our clocks: 3pm

On a good day, you'll find 3pm pretty quiet around here. We stop lessons at three. Maybe a few will finish up music later, we're always reading & Patricia often meets with Eric after dinner to do math. But the norm during the week day is for everyone to find something to do quietly for an hour ALONE- read, art/craft, quietly play an instrument (far away from mama), sleep. The key is to get out of each other's face and have a break. I usually work in the kitchen & laundry a bit, read and/or catch up on paperwork. Sometimes I work on my photography, do a deep cleaning project or run an errand alone. Often I listen to podcasts.

I say "on a good day" or "norm" because often 3pm looks entirely different! As the children get older, everything is far from normal. But this past Friday found a very quiet house, for which we were all grateful for.

This post is another installment of a yearly project with several other documentary photographers where we will share what our lives look like at various hours. Be sure to visit Meghan Nesom Photography next (if you follow the circle completely, you'll end back here)! If you're interested in seeing my other posts from Around Our Clocks, click the tag at the end of this post.

a baby boy!

Boy or girl, it really doesn't matter- a parent is thrilled to just hold their child. But after four girls, the Saverence family was pretty excited to welcome a boy! I had the privilege of going to their home to take pictures last month. I really can't think of a better place to capture newborn pictures- this is where your baby will grow up. What a wonderful way to preserve memories!

The children had decorated the windows with fall leaves for their mother & baby brother to see when they came home from the hospital. Capturing a few images of those windows will help them remember how excited the girls were to finally have a baby brother to love. Little details that help to tell their story. It was fun to let the grandparents join in some of the pictures- what a blessing to be loved by so many!


the Hawkins family

I love when a family invites me to capture them more than once! It's so much fun to catch up & see how their children have grown. It's even more special when the family are good friends! Last month, I was thrilled to meet the Hawkins family at one of their favorite walking spots, the Monastery of the Holy Spirit. It's such a beautiful location and even as the light went low, I couldn't stop shooting.

This one caught my breath. Motherhood- it's beautiful & powerful. You mamas are doing an important work pouring your lives into your children!

life in motion: November

My first film! I'm just a tad bit... nope. I'm CRAZY excited to share this with you all! I've wanted to shoot film for a little over a year now but I had no clue how or where to begin. In steps Emily Mitchell's Film Workshop! This film is was my final project. There's lots still to learn but thanks to Emily, I know have the tools. I'll always shoot still images- there's something so powerful in them & it makes passing on the moment so easy but now I can share films with my family and soon, my clients! How exciting!

This month's film is a collection of everyday moments. You all know me enough to know that I truly believe that's where the beauty shines! Hearing their voices, watching their smiles & movement- these are the things so easily forgotten that I want to hold on to! Now I can!

I'm excited to finally join a group of very talented women who have been making a film each month to share. These ladies have been a source of inspiration & knowledge- it's a little crazy that I get to join them! Be sure to follow the film circle around (you'll loop back here when you're finished) by following Eboni Rivera next.

first day of school

Yesterday we started back to our official school year and to celebrate, a new tradition was born:

I'm not a fun mom. I'm the kind of mom that makes sure things are picked up, laundry's done (well, mostly- I do not iron), foods on the table & everyone does their chores. I read aloud a lot but exciting moments sound tiring to me. So moments like this that are MY idea are pretty awesome. Sonic slushes. With ridiculous amounts of strange substances to make those crazy colors + lots of sugar. Shudder. But the children loved it!

Even Eric & I celebrated, only with Starbucks: 

evening routine with the Bailey family

So often it's hard for us mamas to get in front of the camera. Either we're too busy or (sadly) we're not happy with how we look. But our life just how it is right now is beautiful & it's worth being apart of- in real life & in images! I was thrilled to get to capture my friend & her lovely family this week! Thrilled that she embraces the idea of preserving what life is like right now. I was reminded how hard mamas work as I watched the her family's evening routine unfold! Three littles ages 4 and under makes for a lot of fun & a lot of activity. I've got a crew here but I also have lots of older children who help me. I watched Brittny manage all the hussle & bussle with joy, grace and patience- it taught this dear mama a lot! Of course, everyone was thrilled to see daddy come home & he works hard too. What special memories this family is building as they eat together, read God's Word and sing.

Thanks, Bailey's for letting me be apart of your evening! Here's just a few of the images from your gallery: