february's field trip: rocket & space center

A few weeks ago, Eric and I traveled with the children to Huntsville, AL to the visit the Space & Rocket Center. It required rising early & spending A LOT of hours in the van (10!) but we were blessed to find a great little park to stretch our legs while Josiah filled up (cause this little man is always hungry):

I think we enjoyed last year's robot exhibit more than this year's offering (sci-fi?) but we still found some interesting things:

We also enjoyed taking time to do some of the rides. Emily wasn't so sure about this one... until the end:

Snacks. Because one can never eat enough. Ever.

Of course, the rockets outside & in the main hanger are always the favorites.

And this one, well, it made my heart sing. All nine children in one frame with no posing from mama. Just happily doing their thing. Together.

So grateful for our day together!