around our clocks: 7am

Pregnancy diabetes. The diagnosis came as a complete shock and honestly, I'm not convinced it's accurate but it's in my charts & there is no changing the doctor or midwives minds. I've had a range of emotions from shock to anger to sadness. This is all new to me- a first after many pregnancies. Thankfully, my numbers during the day are perfect & my morning numbers after fasting were very close so I'm hopeful (& determined) to adjust those numbers by eating a snack before bed (something I wasn't doing) & getting in some more walking (some days easier said than done because of my anemia).

It's hard some times not to be eager to be done being pregnant. I KNOW I will miss this so I'm trying to tell myself to soak it all in. I know this is a minor thing compared to what many are facing- in fact, our dearest friends are battling cancer right now & it's reminded me again what a blessing our health is. Submitting my will and desires (even good ones like health) and resting in God's plans... I wish I could say it comes easily but it doesn't always. Praise Jesus, He is faithful and patient!

For one year, I'm joining group of fellow documentary photographers as we share what one specific hour looks like in our lives. One hour shared once a month. The project's called "Around Our Clocks." Be sure to visit Meghan Nesom Photography next (if you follow the circle completely, you'll end back here)! If you would like to see all of my images from this series, click the projects button at the top of the screen.