around our clocks: 12pm

12pm this past Friday found a fairly quiet house. We had started our first day of winter break & most of the children were scattered enjoying free time. I still plan to continue a few lessons since I've had a lot of sick days due to pregnancy. Reading with Abigail is one of those so while we did her phonics lesson, an older sibling made lunch.

Abigail told me she wanted curly hair like Elizabeth so she went off & found the one roller we own- a doll accessory! In her mind, it made perfect sense.

This is the 4th post in a group project called Around Our Clock. Each month, a group of fellow documentary photographers share what one specific hour looks like in our lives. Be sure to visit Sincerus Photography next (if you follow the circle completely, you'll end back here)! If you would like to see all of my images from this series, click the projects button at the top of the screen.