around our clocks: 4pm

During the weekdays, our afternoons are filled with more free activities for the children: time outdoors, art, baking, reading, sleep or handicrafts. I'm trying to make sure we hit handicrafts at least once a week, especially taking the time to help the younger children. This past Friday, three of the children worked at the same time (& then their younger ones woke from nap time & wanted to work too) so it was busy. Thankfully, these three need little help from me now on these handicrafts:


I can hardly believe that this is our twelfth & final post for this series! I feel honored to have joined this group of ladies this past year as we shared what one specific hour looked like in our lives. I'm looking forward to printing this project in a book as a keepsake for our family. Documenting, preserving & enjoying our images- it makes my heart happy! Be sure to visit Nicole next (if you follow the circle completely, you'll end back here)! If you would like to see all of my images from this series, click the projects button at the top of the screen.

aroundourclocks12 (October).jpg