around our clocks: 3pm

On a good day, you'll find 3pm pretty quiet around here. We stop lessons at three. Maybe a few will finish up music later, we're always reading & Patricia often meets with Eric after dinner to do math. But the norm during the week day is for everyone to find something to do quietly for an hour ALONE- read, art/craft, quietly play an instrument (far away from mama), sleep. The key is to get out of each other's face and have a break. I usually work in the kitchen & laundry a bit, read and/or catch up on paperwork. Sometimes I work on my photography, do a deep cleaning project or run an errand alone. Often I listen to podcasts.

I say "on a good day" or "norm" because often 3pm looks entirely different! As the children get older, everything is far from normal. But this past Friday found a very quiet house, for which we were all grateful for.

This post is another installment of a yearly project with several other documentary photographers where we will share what our lives look like at various hours. Be sure to visit Meghan Nesom Photography next (if you follow the circle completely, you'll end back here)! If you're interested in seeing my other posts from Around Our Clocks, click the tag at the end of this post.