a new beginning

The New Year is often a time for new beginnings. I enjoy looking back on the previous year, recalling what God has brought about in our lives. I also enjoy making a few resolutions for the new year, hoping they will help guide us & fully expecting many of those resolutions to fizzle. But I'm good with that.

For years, I blogged over on "Blogger" but as my photography skills expanded, I desired a better platform. In steps Squarespace! So, with the new beginning of 2016, I embark on a new place to share and connect. It's gonna be fun!

Let me explain a few of the headings at top. Under images, you'll find collections of our favorite images both personal & my work for others. I'll share stories, images & thoughts here on our blog. You'll also find my two projects for 2016: Project 365 (one picture each day) & CM Project 52 (a collection of images from each week following prompts from Clickin' Moms). I'll update those projects each week... hopefully. :o)

I also started 2016 with a new coffee mug because I broke my favorite one.