12 months of portraits: april

Anyone notice how I missed March? Ahem. I'm gonna keep going. It can be hard to keep with a year-long project but one of the biggest keys to success is to keep going, even when (and especially because) you "fail." I started learning freelensing this month and I guess that's another tip keeping up with a project: mix it up & learn something new!

And here's the grid of them all:

12 months of portraits: february

Another month & I did it!!! I should call this series "portraits against the yellow wall" because I took them all in the same spot, which is a bit boring. But I had fun with Abigail & Katherine's images- I wanted to highlight Abigail's freckles on her cheek & Katherine's happened because the girl could not stand still for two seconds put together. Josiah's portrait is actually a bit blurry but such is life with this boy these days. You'll see what happens when I do not offer food. Oh, and I got in front of the frame too!

The entire crew:

12 months of portraits: january

I'm gonna attempt another project this year. my track record for projects is just so-so but that's okay. sometimes it takes a bit of trial & error to find something that sticks. While I might prefer documentary work, I think portraits have a place & can be stunning. (Don't expect stunning here though.) I'm looking forward to seeing the children grow as I seek to capture one portrait per child each month, along with one self portrait of me. We'll see how many times Eric lets me get him behind the camera! 

So, here's january portraits:

And because it's fun to see them all together: