a week of mama #3

I was thrilled to join Heather Robinson & several of her alumni in another “A Week of Mama” photography project. This was my third time shooting this project & I do believe it will never get old! One week shooting an image a day with me in the frame with whatever camera I’ve got. This project wasn’t perfect- it stretched beyond a week for me to finish. But what IS perfect is capturing my story in the midst of our family’s. Sweet mama, can I encourage you to do the same?

Here's my February/March "a week of mama" :


day 1: Bedtime stories have been told, pjs (mostly) have been put on… all that is left is brushing teeth & prayers. So we crowd into the bathroom together, you all talking more than you’re brushing. I love watching the dynamics of all of you together… but I also love saying goodnight to a day well spent. I’m definitely more ready for bedtime than you are. Our day has been ful to the brim- kinda like how we fill up the tiny bathroom- so goodnight, my loves! Hopefully (but not likely), I won’t see your sweet faces till morning!


day 2: It’s no surprise to anyone around here that Circle Time is my favorite part of our educational day. (It’s also no surprise that I have several favorite parts. What can I say?) This daily time together, all of us learning together, has helped to lay down what I hope is a family culture. But here’s the thing: I don’t do it just for each of you or even for all of you together. That’s some of my reasoning but I also do it for ME. During this hour, I get to learn alongside you. I get to feast on riches that feed my soul just as much as I hope it feeds yours. I get to practice patience & repentance because we each know how messy this time can be. Learning, feasting, practicing... I think those are pretty good things for a mama to do. And I’m thrilled I get to do it alongside us together!


day 3: Daddy & I I try really hard to find time with each of you big kids. It’s not always easy to find that time- often it’s squeezed into spare moments or late evenings. (Somehow, the late evenings are easier on you than us.) While we don’t always find time for long chats every day, I do try to at least check in with every child each day. But I love these moments when I get to listen to you do the talking, whether that be about life, current happenings in the world or a book discussion. And I’m not going to lie... I also love that you know how to make me a drink.


day 4: You are the sixth child I’ve taught to read with four more to go. Wrapped in my arms, it is good for me to slow down & take you in for just a few moments. I encourage you to keep going. One day soon, the words will flow easily and then, oh the places you’ll behold & the ideas you’ll ponder!


day 5: (iPhone pic) Happy 13th birthday, Jonathan! I love you!


day 6: I love the early morning hour when the light turns from blue to yellow. I love the stillness of a day ready to burst forth. I love the quiet. Only a few big kids are {suppose to be} awake, working diligently before littles arise & break the calm. I do not love the laundry, especially on Monday mornings when the piles overflow all over the kitchen. (How does one day of rest lead to this much laundry?!?) But I’m trying to learn to love it. And maybe that counts for something? Because just like you, I’m learning to be embrace tasks that never end.

day 7: (iPhone pics!) Mother goose rhymes while we waited for the IP to finish dinner. Also, the life of siblings. (See the last photo- be sure to click through all three.) These two, & especially this little gal, take every bit of my energy all day long. I can’t even imagine how boring life would be without them together!