project 365: Timothy

Recently, I finished documenting Timothy's first year with a Project 365. I was suppose to capture one image each day. In reality, I only captured 213 images & shot only 171 days. So technically, I failed another Project 365 (it's not the first I didn't complete). But... I don't care!

Actually, I care very deeply about taking up this project! It helped me to better see our baby boy's first year. It helped me document the love this big family has for it's youngest member. It helped me get in front of the frame 42 times. But it's not about the numbers. It's about the pursuit of pushing myself to pick up my camera & beholding the wonder of my son! I knew I wouldn't strictly keep a Project 365 but I also knew whatever the results, it was worth the endeavor. 

Motherhood has shaped me in countless ways. I fall short daily but I pray my children will always know my deep love for them. And I think this project is a testimony of that! We love you, Tiny Tim!

Enjoy this slideshow of Timothy's Project 365: