mobile day in the life: march 29, 2017

Yesterday, I shared a mobile day in the life on Instagram. (You knew you could find me there, right?) I limited myself to posting only one picture per hour. DITL are such a rewarding experience... and a lot of work! I highly recommend you trying one! Anyone with a phone can do this. Be sure to let me know so I can follow along!  Here's what yesterday looked like:

6:51am I still do not want to be up so I'm only turning on the bare necessity of lights.

7:32am I forgot to fill out independent sheets (the children's educational assignments) last night so instead of reading I'll be doing this.

8:10am I forgot the stupid eggs yesterday. WHO forgets eggs when it's THE thing you eat for breakfast?!?!

8:44am At least I came home to older ones actually doing their lessons (Pinocchio in the corner; piano in front). Plus, they're in pretty light so it's already a better morning!

9:56am Eating again. Remember they ate breakfast late.

10:28am He says he loves Homer & Virgil. Thank you, Mrs. B!

11:45am That's POLLEN covering my porch (&every other surface outside)! Living in the South isn't always glorious.

12:54pm Sneaking before we pray.

1:12pm I stuffed my face while prepping lunch so that I could read aloud while they ate.

2:24pm Remember that pollen? It affects him the most.

3:13pm Nap time for her & me. Pregnancy is tiring!

4:50pm EHAP (everything has a pace) while I have coffee with my man, who is now working from home. I have a love/hate relationship with his dedication.

5:28pm Look who just learned how to turn off & on the lights! He moved the chair to reach it!!!

6:32pm Insert noise when you view this. Lots & lots of loud noise.

7:02pm This & then baths. Must not grow tired yet. (And just in case our day has looked too angelic & because I will always be real, know this is our first family worship all week. NOthing I'm proud of but reality.)

8:21pm Readling aloud "The Railway Children" before bed. (Out of camera view: crazy 3-year old creating messes.)

9:02pm Anyone else obsessed with this show? I mostly watch it to hear them say "oregano."

10:05pm In true pregnancy form, I can't get enough of Bubbie's pickles! At least they're good for me. I'm saying goodnight- thanks for joining me today!