dot to dot collective: february

I recently finished up Heather Robinson's Family Historian class. Hands down, it's one of the top 5 classes I've ever taken- I'd probably rank it one of the top 2! She taught us how to tie narratives to our images so that we might better preserve our family legacy.

After finishing the class, she invites her alumni it join in a collective project where each person shares an image from their lives with a narrative to help connect the dots in revealing "the big picture." I was humbled to join in for the month of February:

“illuminated perspective”

no matter how much I pick up after bedtime, there's always something I miss. sometimes the constant mess is overwhelming but I know one day I will miss these crazy, full, messy days. I try to remember that & soak it in. the light always helps give me a fresh perspective!

(You can view the entire collective here. Don't miss it.... oh, and have a tissue or two ready!)