evening routine with the Bailey family

So often it's hard for us mamas to get in front of the camera. Either we're too busy or (sadly) we're not happy with how we look. But our life just how it is right now is beautiful & it's worth being apart of- in real life & in images! I was thrilled to get to capture my friend & her lovely family this week! Thrilled that she embraces the idea of preserving what life is like right now. I was reminded how hard mamas work as I watched the her family's evening routine unfold! Three littles ages 4 and under makes for a lot of fun & a lot of activity. I've got a crew here but I also have lots of older children who help me. I watched Brittny manage all the hussle & bussle with joy, grace and patience- it taught this dear mama a lot! Of course, everyone was thrilled to see daddy come home & he works hard too. What special memories this family is building as they eat together, read God's Word and sing.

Thanks, Bailey's for letting me be apart of your evening! Here's just a few of the images from your gallery: