day in the life: april 18, 2016

Last week, I shot my first day in the life (ditl) for my own family as an assignment for my Documentary Class with Jessica Thomason, which you can find offered at Clickin' Moms. (I'll be back with a full review of her class but for now I can say it is hands down the BEST thing I've done to challenge myself to grow not only as a photographer but as a storyteller. It's been amazing!) Anyway, our assignment was to capture our family for one day- no posing, no props. Just living. I picked an ordinary Monday when Eric works from home and we do a bit of lessons before heading out to piano & then returning just before dinner.

It definitely was a challenge to shoot all day- you'll see I completely fizzled out after the sun went down. :) It was a bit tricky balancing being a mama & wanting to photograph (ahem, a great reason to hire a photographer to do this thing!) plus on this day, several children were battling sickness. But I pushed through. (This was definitely a reflection of regular life!)

I love seeing our ordinary. I KNOW I'll especially love seeing these in the years to come!  The ordinary isn't always exciting but it's beautiful because it's where God often meets us- teaching us to love Him & each other as we go about living & learning. It's beautiful because the ordinary is filled with these precious souls that bring smiles to my face, along with the tears & frowns. I'm excited to do another ditl soon!

If you made it to the end, thank you! :)