life in motion: November

My first film! I'm just a tad bit... nope. I'm CRAZY excited to share this with you all! I've wanted to shoot film for a little over a year now but I had no clue how or where to begin. In steps Emily Mitchell's Film Workshop! This film is was my final project. There's lots still to learn but thanks to Emily, I know have the tools. I'll always shoot still images- there's something so powerful in them & it makes passing on the moment so easy but now I can share films with my family and soon, my clients! How exciting!

This month's film is a collection of everyday moments. You all know me enough to know that I truly believe that's where the beauty shines! Hearing their voices, watching their smiles & movement- these are the things so easily forgotten that I want to hold on to! Now I can!

I'm excited to finally join a group of very talented women who have been making a film each month to share. These ladies have been a source of inspiration & knowledge- it's a little crazy that I get to join them! Be sure to follow the film circle around (you'll loop back here when you're finished) by following Eboni Rivera next.